Why Should I Worry About Office System Repairs? It’s the Landlord’s Problem

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Congratulations! You are opening a new office! This is an exciting and busy time for your business. There are staffing concerns, space build outs, and equipment and furniture purchases. The list can seem endless. But you don’t have to worry about office system repairs or making sure everything works properly, right? That’s the landlord’s problem. Unfortunately, that is not usually the case.

Commercial tenants are more than occupants of office rental space. Most commercial leases (“NNN” or “Triple Net”) bind tenants to liabilities rarely discussed until a costly repair is needed.  Many tenants only become aware of their responsibilities after being shocked by an exorbitant invoice for a replacement HVAC unit or other unexpected repair. As a tenant you may be responsible not only for repairs to office systems but also regular maintenance.

Common Lease Mandates Business Owners Must Know

Commercial NNN Lease Mandates

  • Tenants pay for all maintenance of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and other systems within their leased space, plus pay all real estate taxes and building insurance (the three “Nets” or “NNN”)
  • Tenants must deliver evidence of a quarterly HVAC service contract to landlords
  • Tenants must maintain space and systems in “good order and first-class condition”

State, County or City Fire Marshal Mandates

  • Tenants must maintain fire protection systems within their leased space
  • Tenants must produce evidence of annual fire extinguisher certification
  • Tenants are responsible for ensuring compliance with all building and fire codes

OfficeGuardian is Your Solution to Lease Mandates

The ultimate risk to business owners is exorbitant office system repairs that can force them to close their offices, like a $2,500 HVAC compressor replacement or a plumbing backup requiring investigative plumbing services that results in a $1,500 bill. Of course, these risks apply to small business owners that own their buildings as well. Unlike midsize and large companies, many small businesses often don’t have deep enough pockets to comfortably weather unexpected expenses such as these. Not only are you stuck with the bill, but you are taking time away from your business to find a contractor, facilitate the repair and hope that they are reliable.

Until recently, there haven’t been commercial warranty services to cover the regular maintenance and repair of office systems. OfficeGuardian has developed the first all-inclusive commercial office warranty of its kind. With the introduction of companies like OfficeGuardian in the Phoenix area, business owners now have a comprehensive service to maintain their systems and prevent the unnecessary wear and tear that can lead to breakdowns. Even when breakdowns occur, the office warranty plan provides coverage for those repairs as well. With an “office warranty”, like a home warranty, reliable, vetted and certified contractors are at your fingertips.

When you partner with Office Guardian, you can sleep well knowing routine maintenance will prevent unnecessary breakdowns; and, when a breakdown does occur, repairs will be promptly taken care of by licensed, bonded, and insured contractors.

What Office System Repairs Are Covered?

Your Office Guardian Warranty Plan will provide repair (and replacement, if necessary) for the following systems:

• Air conditioning and heating,
• Electrical,
• Plumbing,
• Water heaters,
• Fire extinguishers,
• Drinking fountains,
• Smoke detectors,
• Door hardware,
• Appliances,
• Office systems, and
• Employee termination rekeys.

In addition, optional coverage is available for the following services:

• Carpet cleaning,
• Window washing,
• Pest control, and
• Water filter replacement.

With OfficeGuardian, you can rest assured your office is in good hands. Not only do our plans cover your appliances and office systems that break down, but we remove even more of the hassles of maintenance with services such as carpet cleaning, window washing, and pest control.

OfficeGuardian will protect you from repair nightmares, eliminate surprises that disrupt business, and stabilize your bottom line. We ensure that when a repair is made, it’s done right the first time, guaranteed. One Call Does It All.

For more information visit www.officewarranty.com.

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