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Commercial office owners and tenants often encounter unbudgeted office repair expenses that rob their wallet, time and peace of mind.  Smart business owners turn to OfficeGuardian to add more predictability and protection from unbudgeted repairs.

Small business owners don’t have to go unprotected anymore.  After decades of protection only offered to homeowners through home warranties, OfficeGuardian now affords similar protection to small business owners – both office owners and tenants.

OfficeGuardian Benefits:

  • OfficeGuardian is always available – we provide protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • OfficeGuardian is dependable – we protect you from unbudgeted repair expenses, business interruptions and shut-downs, unreliable vendors, and loss of precious, revenue-producing time that would be wasted worrying about and managing repairs.
  • OfficeGuardian is convenient – we provide an army of the most trusted, prompt, qualified, pre-screened contractors, so one convenient call does it all. Plus, all work is guaranteed to be worry-free.
  • OfficeGuardian is financially savvy – our warranty plans and service call fees are affordable and easy to budget, unlike expensive, unexpected repair bills.
  • OfficeGuardian is proactive protection – rather than waiting for breakdowns to occur, we provide built-in, scheduled maintenance for the most expensive and potentially business-crippling office system, your HVAC system. Similar to oil changes and scheduled service on your automobile, this is scheduled quarterly for predictable protection. We also inspect your fire extinguishers annually and certify that they are in working condition.
  • OfficeGuardian diligently serves – in addition to our scheduled visits for HVAC maintenance and fire extinguisher certification, we provide a monthly e-mail newsletter that delivers valuable business tips, energy saving ideas, and priceless discoveries that can save you time and money.
  • OfficeGuardian is green – our quarterly HVAC maintenance will ensure that your system’s air filters are clean, belts are tight, and all parts are working at maximum efficiency, thereby saving electricity and money. We also offer an energy conservation initiative to help you incrementally convert to LED office lighting for additional savings.
  • OfficeGuardian is a peace keeper – if a system breaks down shortly after a lease begins, it can significantly strain the relationship between landlord and tenant. Our pre-coverage inspections eliminate this concern by ensuring that your suite is in tip-top condition.
  • OfficeGuardian is high-tech – OfficeGuardian utilizes leading-edge technology – with our redundant, backed-up, cloud-based computing systems, you need never fear that our systems will fail. Your records with our company are always kept accurate, secure and up to date, so we can quickly provide any documentation regarding our service that you require. Furthermore, our simplified, recurring ePayment system makes the payment process effortless.
  • OfficeGuardian is trustworthy – we have no hidden agendas, just the simple desire to protect you, the small business owner from major hassles & expenses.

OfficeGuardian will protect you from repair nightmares, eliminate surprises that disrupt business, and stabilize your bottom line. We ensure that when a repair is made, it’s done right the first time, guaranteed.

OfficeGuardian Provides Peace of Mind.

Commercial office owners & tenants often say…

  • When things went wrong in our office and I had to take care of repairs or maintenance, I lost valuable time I could have been spending working to grow the business. It also pains me to think of the times that we had to shut down the office because we were dealing with a broken air conditioner.  I’m just thrilled to be able to have our warranty – it gives me peace of mind.

    Jeanette Gleason Gleason Business Consulting
  • I wish I would have had OfficeGuardian protection last year when one of my expensive AC units went out.  This would have saved our Company $1,000's.

    Dr. Rick Sloan Palo Verde Family Medicine
  • I wish I'd had OfficeGuardian years ago!  Your warranty would've saved me many hours and countless phone calls trying to find vendors for my dental office AC, plumbing and electrical needs - and it would've saved me recently when I had to replace my AC compressor, costing over $2,000! This is a really, really good idea.

    Dr. John G. Wood, DDS Glendale, Az
  • I own a spa here in Arizona. Commercial tenant warranties are really, really valuable for your business. They allow you to focus on your business, instead of worrying about finding people to fix door hinges, broken washers and dryers, and your HVAC system... your employees pick up the phone, call for the service and they come out and complete the repair.

    Kanna Reilly Pure Vanity Spa
  • I’ve been in business over 35 years, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve needed an emergency repair and I had to send my office manager scrambling around all day to find the right person to repair it at a reasonable price. I’ve gotta tell you, this commercial tenant warranty is the greatest invention ever for business owners. One call does it all, and I know what the price is going to be, so I don’t have this big, unexpected expense. I can’t tell you how valuable that is. It’s a real no-brainer.

    Rich Rose Strategic Solutions Group
  • I used to own a chain of six retail golf equipment stores. Man, I wish this commercial warranty service had been available when I had those stores. There were always unexpected repairs, and I constantly had employees wasting time and effort hunting down repair people. This system would’ve taken care of it all. It definitely would have made my life simpler and saved me money.

    Chuck Trautman Arizona Marketing Association
  • When you own a restaurant, something is always breaking down. Our biggest worries are the cooling system and refrigeration – we have big investments in these systems and we can’t afford to lose themHaving the protection and set costs, and more importantly for someone to rely on for repairs, takes a huge burden off of our shoulders.

    Maher Hazine Sidewinders Tavern and Grill
  • When our air conditioner went out in August, I really had no idea that our lease agreement didn’t cover that repair. It cost us $5,300, which was a lot of money out of pocket. I’m thankful that we now have a program that will take care of that cost without shutting down our business and causing a lot of stress.

    Jerry Levinson Carpets of Arizona
  • OfficeGuardian is ‘built to ensure a small business owner's paycheck isn't spent on repairs’? I wish I had known about OfficeGuardian when our AC went out last month.

    Soral Karim Pinot's Palette PV
  • Having owned several of my own storefronts, I think this is a brilliant idea!"

    Larry Rosenthal Rosenthal Enterprises II, Inc.

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