The New Customer Service in Commercial Real Estate

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Customer service is one of the most important components of any business. defines Customer Service as “All interactions between a customer and a product provider at the time of sale, and thereafter. Customer service adds value to a product and builds enduring relationship.” What about new customer service in commercial real estate? First, let’s explore what why customer service is crucial to a business.

But why is customer service so important?

Every successful business model focuses on excellent customer service. Zendesk conducted a survey and found that “When you provide your customers with great customer service:

  • 81% tell their friends and family about it
  • 45% broadcast their experiences on social media
  • 35% will write about it on review sites like Yelp
  • 52% will continue to do business with your company
  • 24% will choose you over your competitors for up to two years”

Good customer service leads to customer satisfaction and customer retention. It is critical to establishing customer loyalty and maintaining an ongoing customer relationship. Customer satisfaction reduces negative word of mouth and differentiates you from your competition. And every business owner knows it’s cheaper to retain customers than find new customers.

How does this translate to Commercial Real Estate?

How do you as a Commercial Real Estate agent provide good customer service? Beyond the original interactions with customers, CRE agents need something to set them apart from the competition. Providing value-added products is a great way to differentiate yourself from the pack as well as give you an opportunity to provide great customer service and increase customer retention.

An innovative new product many CRE professionals have discovered is an office warranty. Office warranties offer a unique value-add. An office warranty is a product that covers the most time-consuming, budget-busting system repairs and provides regular preventive maintenance. Your business owner/tenant will move into their new space knowing that if something were to happen to their office systems, they are covered. OfficeGuardian has developed the first all-inclusive commercial office warranty of its kind. In the Phoenix, Arizona area, commercial real estate agents can showcase a property with the protection of an office warranty from OfficeGuardian. With this service, you will provide your tenants with prompt attention and peace of mind so they can focus on getting their business up and running. Should a problem arise, OfficeGuardian provides fast response time, dispatching contractors as quickly as possible, usually in 2 hours or less.

An office warranty from OfficeGuardian goes beyond a traditional service contract and offers services like carpet cleaning, window washing, office pest control, system tune-ups and air filter changes. These additional services elevate your properties to a level unprecedented in today’s commercial real estate market. Not only will your properties rent faster but the customer service offered will keep your properties rented longer. Tenant satisfaction and lease renewals will be at an all-time high.

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