Yes! Commercial Tenants Need Protection

Tenants are often unaware of the liabilities found in their commercial leases. OfficeGuardian offers unique, never-before-available protection to commercial tenants.  

Commercial tenants are more than occupants of office rental space. Most commercial leases (“NNN” or “Triple Net”) bind tenants to liabilities rarely discussed until a costly repair is needed.  Many tenants only become aware of their responsibilities after being shocked by an exorbitant invoice for a replacement HVAC unit or other unexpected repair.

Common Lease Mandates Tenants Must Know

Commercial NNN Lease Mandates

  • Tenants pay for all maintenance of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and other systems within their leased space, plus pay all real estate taxes and building insurance (the three “Nets” or “NNN”)
  • Tenants must deliver evidence of a quarterly HVAC service contract to landlords
  • Tenants must maintain space and systems in “good order and first-class condition”

State, County or City Fire Marshal Mandates

  • Tenants must maintain fire protection systems within their leased space
  • Tenants must produce evidence of annual fire extinguisher certification
  • Tenants are responsible for ensuring compliance with all building and fire codes

OfficeGuardian is Your Solution to Lease Mandates

  • Protection from the most frequently-occurring breakdowns of commercial office systems, components and appliances
  • Transfer of risk of unexpected repair or replacement costs
  • Pre-screened, qualified professionals to solve your mechanical problems

Samples of Common Triple Net Commercial Lease Maintenance Provisions


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