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FINALLY… Earn a Passive, Residual Income as a CRE Professional

CRE professionals teach clients how to create passive investment income every day, but often live commission to commission themselves. The fact is that other than property management, real estate is mostly transactional in nature – services are performed, a commission is earned, and you start all over again month after month. OfficeGuardian has designed a strategy for CRE pro’s and others to add income stability and a passive, residual income.

Like insurance agents that write a new policy and get paid every time their client pays an insurance premium, OfficeGuardian allows CRE pro’s and others to earn a passive, residual commission on OfficeGuardian Commercial Office Warranty plans they enroll.

Can you legally pay a referral fee to a real estate or other professional?

OfficeGuardian offers warranties only to commercial property clients, not residential homebuyers.  (Note: RESPA is a HUD consumer protection statute designed to help homebuyers be better, more informed shoppers in the home buying process, and is enforced by HUD.)

What if I’m not a CRE professional, but still want to be a Referral Partner of OfficeGuardian?

We invite insurance agents and insurance brokers, franchisors, property managers, leasing agents, CPAs and accountants, bookkeepers, construction contractors, property developers, business brokers and many other professionals to partner with OfficeGuardian to enroll your clients in our office warranty service. Our Referral Partner program works the same – simple and straightforward.

How can you benefit from an affiliation with OfficeGuardian?

Simply refer us to your past, present and future commercial clients who enroll in an OfficeGuardian warranty and earn a monthly residual income for the life of their enrollment.

Easily build a passive stream of income by simply sharing with your clients the advantages and protection offered by an OfficeGuardian Office Warranty.

How does it work?

You enroll your commercial office owners or tenants in an OfficeGuardian warranty plan, and we warranty and care for their office systems, and each month we collect their warranty premium, we send you a check for 10% of the warranty premium for as long as the client retains their warranty. We can also apply your referral fee as a discount to your client’s monthly premium or to your favorite charity, if you prefer. The choice is yours. It’s that simple!

Here are some hypothetical figures based on a $200 per month average warranty premium:

Number of Enrolled PropertiesMonthly IncomeAnnualized Income

Based on these numbers, it is easy to see how a stable, residual income could be generated when referring past and future clients to OfficeGuardian. These numbers are based on collected warranty premiums.

So What’s Next?

If you’re interested in learning more, please call or email us today. We have the infrastructure and manpower to expertly handle your referral clients, leaving you to focus on your CRE business, while stabilizing your monthly income.

Call OfficeGuardian today and start earning a passive, residual income for protecting and simplifying your clients’ lives. Be their trusted CRE professional…with special added-value!

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