In honor of Black History Month: 21 of the most successful black entrepreneurs throughout history.

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In honor of Black History Month, takes a look at some of the most successful black entrepreneurs throughout history. An interesting look at some successful Americans who made our country strong.

21 Most Successful Black Entrepreneurs Throughout History

When Black Enterprise magazine was first published in 1970, the American economic landscape was in a period of transition that resulted from the U.S. Civil Rights Movement; the outlawing of de jure racial segregation created pathways to black mobility and the emergence of a black middle class. Created with the intent both to serve as a resource for budding and current black entrepreneurs and to highlight the achievements or even the mere existence of black entrepreneurship, Black Enterprise has continued to become a leading guide on issues facing black entrepreneurs and the people who are succeeding in spite of such challenges.

Having established the magazine after discovering a lack of information on the then-nascent and expanding black entrepreneur community in the American workforce, Black Enterprise founder Earl G. Graves, Sr.’s achievements in the media and publishing industry has led him to become one of history’s most notable black entrepreneurs. In the spirit of Black History Month, we take a look at a few black entrepreneurs throughout history, focusing primarily on those figures who have rarely been covered – African-American entrepreneurs from the 18th century to early-20th century.

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