How an Office Warranty Protects Your Systems & Budget

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One of the first things a real estate agent will recommend when you put a home on the market is to purchase a home warranty.  As a seller, offering a warranty is a great marketing tool as well as great protection for you while your property is on the market.  Buyers are much more likely to make an offer on a home with a warranty attached. The peace of mind they have knowing that if something breaks, they are covered is priceless.

A warranty also protects you as the seller during the time your home is on the market. Imagine if your HVAC system would go out or an appliance breaks or you are faced with costly plumbing repairs while you are trying to sell your home. You must fix them immediately or risk losing a sale. A home warranty covers the seller and the buyer during the selling process.

How would that translate to the commercial property industry? As a landlord, what if you could offer your tenants that same peace of mind that home buyers have? As a tenant/business owner, imagine if you knew your time and your business were protected from un-budgeted office repair expenses.

Most leases give commercial tenants full responsibility for nearly every system both inside and outside their suites. Since most commercial tenants rarely perform pre-lease inspections, they accept their building’s systems in as-is condition, without knowing their age, condition, or life expectancy. All of these systems and their hundreds of components expose tenants to the risk of large repair and replacement bills.

The ultimate risk to tenants is exorbitant repairs that can force tenants to close their offices, like an $8,500 HVAC system replacement or a plumbing malfunction requiring investigative plumbing services that results in a $4,500 bill. Of course, these risks apply to small business owners that own their buildings as well. Unlike midsize and large companies, small businesses generally do not have deep enough pockets to comfortably weather unexpected expenses such as these.

Not only are you stuck with the bill, but you are taking time away from your business to find a contractor, facilitate the repair and hope that they are reliable. With an office warranty, like a home warranty, reliable, vetted and certified contractors are at your fingertips.

As a landlord/property owner, an office warranty can actually help you make money: offices with a commercial office warranty rent up faster and yield a higher annual lease rate.  In fact, an office warranty may even pay for itself, since the increase in the annual lease rate may completely cover the cost of the warranty.  What’s more, office warranties also increase tenant satisfaction and lease renewals.

Commercial office warranties give you much more than peace of mind regarding repairs and maintenance.  It protects your property 24/7/365, whether your building is occupied or vacant. When you have a tenant, you will not have to worry if they are failing to perform necessary services or choosing disreputable contractors who may actually cause harm to your building’s systems. A warranty also protects you from unnecessary disputes with your tenants over expensive system repairs.

There hasn’t been a product like the home warranty for commercial properties, until now.

Small business owners don’t have to go unprotected anymore.  After decades of protection only offered to homeowners through home warranties, OfficeGuardian now affords similar protection to small business owners – both office owners and tenants.

OfficeGuardian offers a fixed-cost, worry-free response team to commercial tenants in the event that a major office system or appliance breaks due to normal wear and tear. When you know that your tenant has OfficeGuardian, you can have peace of mind that your property is being managed properly. OfficeGuardian is the tenant’s and owner’s advocate to ensure that their office systems are running as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The office warranty through OfficeGuardian offers an additional layer of protection through preventative maintenance.  Ben Franklin knew what he was talking about when he said “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” By maintaining your office systems regularly, you can avoid the hassle of repairs and break downs and keep your systems running smoothly longer. An office warranty provides quarterly maintenance, annual fire extinguisher inspection and begins with an HVAC tune-up and 110 point system inspection.

With OfficeGuardian, you can rest assured your office is in good hands. Not only do our plans cover your appliances and office systems that break down, but we remove even more of the hassles of maintenance with services such as carpet cleaning, window washing, and pest control.

OfficeGuardian will protect you from repair nightmares, eliminate surprises that disrupt business, and stabilize your bottom line. We ensure that when a repair is made, it’s done right the first time, guaranteed. One Call Does It All.

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