Help for the Office Kitchen: Everyone Wants to Use it, But No One Wants to Maintain It

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The office kitchen…the place where the daily allotment of caffeine is brewed, lunches are heated and eaten, birthday treats are put on display, a gathering space and place of retreat from the stress of the day.  But it can also be a place of office conflict, dirt and danger.

How many times have you walked in to get a cup of coffee just to find someone drank the last of it without making more? Have you ever gone to the refrigerator at lunch time eagerly anticipating the leftover pot roast from last night’s dinner only to find someone else ate it? How often have you been the one that had to clean the moldy food from the back of the refrigerator because everyone wants to use it but no one wants to clean it?

Illness can spread quickly through germs and unsanitary conditions. Food left rotting in a refrigerator or garbage cans not emptied can be health hazards.  These unsanitary conditions can also draw pests like bugs and rodents. Spills left unattended can cause falls and injuries. Appliances that have not been maintained properly can cause a fire hazard.

Office Kitchen Safety

Common courtesy, responsibility and maybe some clearly defined kitchen rules can go a long way to keeping the peace and keeping everyone safe and healthy. Here are some guidelines to get your office started on the path to a safe, healthy and conflict free kitchen. Make sure any kitchen rules are clearly posted as well as the number for local poison control in areas where cleaning supplies are stored.

  1. Use labels for your food. Put your name on items that you don’t intend to share and label those treats you brought in for everyone as such. If it doesn’t have your name on it, don’t eat it.
  2. Keep dishes washed immediately, don’t let anything sit in the sink.
  3. If you spill something, clean it up immediately. Especially on the floor to prevent falls.
  4. Cover items in the microwave with a paper towel to prevent splatter. Clean up anything that does splatter.
  5. If you use the last of a something, replace it or notify the person responsible for ordering supplies.
  6. Refrigerators should be cleaned out once a week. Know that if you leave food in the refrigerator on the day it is to be cleaned out, it will be thrown out.
  7. If you find moldy, rotten food in the refrigerator, throw it away even if it doesn’t belong to you. Be sure to store food properly in safe containers.
  8. If you drink the office coffee, contribute to its upkeep. When a pot is low or empty, make a new pot with enough for others. Keep the pot cleaned out.
  9. Be sure there are sufficient trash cans and keep them emptied daily. Properly and promptly disposed of trash can prevent the spread of disease and the attraction of any pests.
  10. If you are the last one to leave the office, make sure the coffee pot is turned off and unplugged.

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OfficeGuardian can also help with pest control issues should your cleanliness rules go unfollowed, inviting unwanted office visitors.

Whether a landlord, property manager or business owner, a commercial office warranty plan through OfficeGuardian will give you peace of mind to know that not just your office kitchen but your whole office space will be maintained and repairs taken care of quickly when any issues arise.  With OfficeGuardian, One Call Does It All.

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