Forgotten Office Expenses That Could Cost You Big

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Forgotten office expenses could cost your business BIG if you’re not prepared. If you have followed the OfficeGuardian blog at all, you likely will have read of the benefits of the Guardian Essentials office warranty plan. This is the basic office warranty plan that covers air conditioning, heating, electrical, plumbing systems as well as your water heater and fire extinguishers for a low monthly cost. The benefits of a plan like this are vast. It will protect you as a business owner or a landlord/property manager from repair nightmares, eliminate surprises that disrupt business, and stabilize your bottom line. The peace of mind you have from this plan is invaluable. Your major office systems are protected from time-consuming, budget-busting repairs.

The office warranty through OfficeGuardian also offers an additional layer of protection through preventive maintenance. By maintaining your office systems regularly, you can avoid the hassle of repairs and break downs and keep your systems running smoothly longer.

But these systems are not the only items that can cause headaches in your office. Most offices have kitchens or breakrooms with appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, possibly a trash compactor or garbage disposal. Maybe your business has a dishwasher or an oven. Medical offices, health spas, salons also have one or more laundry washer and dryer. All of these items have the potential to break and cause additional hassles and take your money and focus off your business.

Below are the estimated costs of repairing or replacing appliances and office systems:


Repair: $150 – $475


Replacement: $600 – $2200


Repair: $150 – $425


Replacement: $350 -$1400

Garbage Disposal

Repair: $50 – $135


Replacement: $299 – $399


Repair: $150 – $425


Replacement: $350 – $1400

Washer or Dryer

Repair: $125 – $450


Replacement: $375 – $1400

Trash Compactor

Repair: $150 – $425


Replacement: $350 – $1400

Water Heater

Repair: $150 – $300


Replacement: $500 – $1500

Built-in Microwave

Repair: $150 – $425


Replacement: $350 – $1400

Air Conditioner

Repair: $150 – $625


Replacement: $3500 – $6000


Repairs: $150 – $550


Replacement: $2250 – $5000

Electrical Panel, Breakers

Repairs: $125 – $275


Replacement: $700 – $1500


Repairs: $160 – $790


Replacement: $1000 – $4000

Unlike midsize and large companies, small businesses generally do not have deep enough pockets to comfortably weather unexpected expenses such as these. The Guardian Complete plan from OfficeGuardian will cost a minimal monthly fee of $219 or $7.30/day – a simple budget item. The costs of repair or replacement of appliances or office systems far exceeds that of the monthly cost of an upgraded office warranty from OfficeGuardian. The plan not only makes good business sense but will ease the stress of running a business.

OfficeGuardian has vetted, established contractors that are available with one call, with 24 hour service. You will never have to worry about an appliance or a system issue again or a large unpredicted repair expense. We ensure that when a repair is made, it’s done right the first time, guaranteed. One Call Does It All.

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