How to Find HVAC Contractors You Can Count On and Trust

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We’ve all heard the horror stories of contractors skipping town with a client’s money or doing shoddy work and disappearing without fixing it. Maybe you’ve seen Mike Holmes on HGTV fix the mistakes that dishonest, untrustworthy contractors have made.

Finding Trustworthy HVAC Contractors

Recently I had a conversation with a business owner who experienced this time-wasting, money-sucking issue with a bad HVAC contractor. As a small business owner she had struggled with finding a  trustworthy HVAC contractor who wouldn’t rip her off, jack-up prices in emergency situations and who had a money back guarantee when her HVAC unit went out.

She paid an HVAC contractor $6,000 to install a new unit only to find out it was not the reputable brand of equipment they ordered and it wasn’t installed correctly. She began losing food inventory due to spoilage, not to mention the frustration and inconvenience her customers felt in the heat and the difficult working conditions for her employees. She was forced to pay another HVAC contractor to correct the issue.  Her story is a cautionary tale for all business owners.  Here are things to look for when hiring a contractor for maintenance and repairs.

  1. Get referrals from those you trust: The best way to find an HVAC contractor you can trust is to go to people you can trust. Ask friends, family, other business owners in your area who they recommend. They will have first-hand knowledge of the quality, price and any other information that you need to make a good decision. You also might be able to see for yourself by looking at the results.
  1. Google it: The internet is an unlimited resource for finding just about anything. You can find hundreds of HVAC contractors in your area just through a simple Google search. But just because they are online or appear in the top couple of spots of your search results, doesn’t mean they are quality. Beware of paid advertisements. Instead visit a site like that has a component of accountability and will provide reviews from people who have actual experience with them. There are a number of contractor databases that provide lists of certified contractors who have passed a list of requirements. And always Google the name of a contractor and search for reviews before signing any contract.
  1. Check references & licenses: Once you have an HVAC contractor in mind don’t be afraid to ask for references and actually check them. Make sure they have a long list – every contractor has one or two satisfied customers. Call people randomly from the list as they will likely put their best reviewers first. Also ask to see their licenses. If they don’t have any – run, quickly in the other direction. After seeing the license, visit the Arizona Better Business Bureau to check if they are Accredited, their BBB rating and whether there are any unresolved claims against them.
  1. What their business card says about them: `Another insight into the professionalism and reliability of an HVAC contractor or any contractor is their business card. Check out its presentation and look. Is it professional? Does it have an actual physical address on it? The presence of a physical address tells you they have nothing to hide and will not disappear. Also check for a cell phone number. This tells you they will be more accessible, even in the field.
  1. Let someone else do it for you: The tips above will likely bring you to a quality, reliable HVAC contractor. However, the process is time-consuming. You have a business to run and any time you or an employee spend vetting a contractor costs you money. Then imagine if you are trying to go through this process in the middle of a catastrophic breakdown like the total failure of your HVAC system or a pipe that has burst and is flooding your office. Having an office warranty already in place will save you from all of the hassle and money of doing this yourself. OfficeGuardian’s office warranties make it easy. We have an already vetted network of high-quality, licensed, bonded, insured and BBB accredited Arizona contractors waiting to handle your repair. Simply call us at 800-508-1850 or go to our Claims Page. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Simply pay a nominal trade service fee and we dispatch your work order. An OfficeGuardian certified contractor will contact you (usually within 1 business hour) to schedule a convenient time to come to your office to provide the service you need. We will contact you after the service is complete to ensure all work was done right and to your satisfaction.

OfficeGuardian offers a fixed-cost, worry-free response team to business owners in the event that a major office system or appliance breaks due to normal wear and tear. When you know that your business has OfficeGuardian, you can have peace of mind that your property is being cared for properly. OfficeGuardian is the business owner’s advocate to ensure that their office systems are running as efficiently and effectively as possible.

OfficeGuardian will protect you as a business owner or a landlord/property manager from repair nightmares, eliminate surprises that disrupt business, and stabilize your bottom line. We ensure that when a repair is made, it’s done right the first time, guaranteed. One Call Does It All.

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