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What is a commercial office warranty?

A commercial office warranty gives you security and peace of mind when major office systems and appliances break due to normal wear and tear. The warranty reduces financial risk, downtime, and personal stress associated with these repairs.  OfficeGuardian Warranty Plans go even further by offering a broad range of office care and preventative maintenance services, which free up both time and money so you can focus on running your business.

What makes an OfficeGuardian Warranty Plan better?

  1. No other service contracts come close to an OfficeGuardian Warranty – they often cover just one system, but we cover it all, and better and at less cost. We Protect. You Save.
  2. Few claim denials – over 96% of claims are approved.
  3. Fast response time – our goal is to dispatch contractors to you as quickly as possible, usually in 2 hours or less – if not, the service call is free.
  4. Convenient care for your commercial space – we go beyond a traditional service contract with services like carpet cleaning, window washing, office pest control, system tune-ups and air filter changes.

What does my OfficeGuardian Warranty Plan cover?

With OfficeGuardian, you can rest assured your office is in good hands. Not only do our plans cover your appliances and office systems that break down, but we remove even more of the hassles of maintenance with services such as carpet cleaning, window washing, and pest control. Call one of our knowledgeable sales associates or visit our plans and pricing page for more details.

What’s NOT covered?

An OfficeGuardian Warranty Plan provides repair or replacement of covered items when they break down as a result of normal wear-and-tear during the warranty contract period. Therefore, proper use and care of the covered systems and appliances is required for coverage under the warranty contract. In addition, non-mechanical parts or components that do not contribute to the primary function of the covered system or appliance are not covered.  See all terms.

How do I schedule service when a covered system or appliance needs repair?

OfficeGuardian makes it easy.

Order Service – Visit our Claims Page or call your Customer Care team at 800-508-1850 to request service. We are here 24/7, 365 days a year. You simply pay a nominal $99 trade service fee, and we dispatch your work order.

Sit Back & Relax – An OfficeGuardian certified contractor will contact you (usually within 1 business hour) to schedule a convenient time to come to your office to provide the service you need.

Provide Feedback – We will call you after the service is complete to ensure all work was done right and to your satisfaction.  If you are an off-site owner, we will send a report of the completed service to you via email.

Who handles the repairs?

We deliver our services through an expansive network of high-quality, licensed, bonded, insured and BBB Accredited Arizona contractors who believe in the OfficeGuardian values of professionalism, quality work and responsiveness to our customers’ needs.

What if I want to use my own repairman?

OfficeGuardian understands that you may have had work performed by a contractor outside of our network in the past, and you may have a trusting relationship already established. To ensure that our customers receive the best and most reliable service, we will cover work performed by our certified contractors or your preferred contractor, but only if they are dispatched by OfficeGuardian and agree to our fee schedule prior to beginning any work.

What if I outgrow OfficeGuardian?

You can never outgrow OfficeGuardian. Our warranty plans cover suites up to 3,000 sf. If your office space expands, we can design a custom quote to cover even the most unique properties.

Adding new sites? As your number of office locations grows we grow right along with you, including day-one coverage for new builds. And yes, we can offer you special discounts when enrolling multiple suites in an OfficeGuardian Warranty Plan.


What exactly is a commercial office warranty?

OfficeGuardian offers a fixed-cost, worry-free response team to commercial tenants in the event that a major office system or appliance breaks due to normal wear and tear, as well as quarterly HVAC maintenance and annual fire extinguisher inspection. When you know that your tenant has OfficeGuardian, you can have peace of mind that your property is being managed properly. OfficeGuardian is the tenant’s and owner’s advocate to ensure that their office systems are running as efficiently and effectively as possible.

How can a commercial office warranty benefit me?

OfficeGuardian is revolutionizing the commercial leasing business, making it possible for landlords to offer an OfficeGuardian Warranty Plan built into the lease and as an incentive to lease. Besides giving the landlord a leg-up on their competition, the warranty plan:

  • adds peace of mind for the tenant;
  • enhances the tenant’s trust in the landlord and the property;
  • ensures systems are properly serviced during the lease term by reputable and licensed service providers;
  • reduces the chance of finger-pointing and blame when a system breakdown occurs; and
  • helps the property lease up faster.

OfficeGuardian gives landlords and commercial property sellers that extra leverage and a negotiating tool to separate their property from the rest, and gets lease deals and even commercial property sales closed faster. Compared to the cost of rent abatement, a discounted lease rate or a purchase price reduction, OfficeGuardian is a less costly and more valuable negotiating concession or incentive, by far.

Commercial office warranties give you much more than peace of mind regarding repairs and maintenance.  An OfficeGuardian Warranty can actually help you make money: offices with a commercial office warranty rent up faster and yield a higher annual lease rate.  In fact, an OfficeGuardian Warranty may even pay for itself, since the increase in the annual lease rate may completely cover the cost of the OfficeGuardian Warranty.  What’s more, office warranties also increase tenant satisfaction and lease renewals.

OfficeGuardian protects your property 24/7/365, whether your building is occupied or vacant. When you have a tenant, you will not have to worry if they are failing to perform necessary services or choosing disreputable contractors who may actually cause harm to your building’s systems. OfficeGuardian also protects you from unnecessary disputes with your tenants over expensive system repairs. No one likes confrontations, and OfficeGuardian stops them before they ever occur.

Why would I choose to promote OfficeGuardian to my tenants?

OfficeGuardian is the pioneer and undisputed leader in the commercial office warranty industry. While other companies individually offer HVAC or plumbing service contracts, we do it all, and we take all the burden off both the tenant and the landlord for making vendor decisions and getting the work done with little or no business disruption.

Can I offer OfficeGuardian as a built-in, value added benefit to tenants renting my property?

It makes perfect sense to use every potential benefit to get your property rented up fast and keep it rented, and an OfficeGuardian Warranty is often the key factor that makes one property more attractive to prospective tenants than another. With a small per-foot annual rental rate increase when renting or at renewals, you can build great value for your tenants – at no cost to you.

If I enroll several properties, do you offer multi-suite discounts?

We can offer you special discounts when enrolling multiple suites in an OfficeGuardian Warranty Plan, whether they are occupied or empty. Alternatively, if you would like to encourage all tenants in your properties to enroll by offering a special incentive, we can create a plan specific to your needs.

Do your Warranty Plans have size restrictions?

Our warranty plans cover suites up to 3,000 sf. Is your space larger? We will be happy to discuss a custom quote to cover even the most unique properties.

Can OfficeGuardian buffer me from potential liability?

Tenants who move into previously occupied space with used HVAC equipment and office systems rarely have an inspection performed prior to move-in. If those systems begin to have major problems early in the life of the lease, it often ignites a legal confrontation, regardless of lease terms. OfficeGuardian helps protect both the tenant and the landlord from disputes arising from unknown defects and potential liabilities.

Other than an office systems warranty, what else can you do for me and my tenants?

We offer carpet cleaning, window washing, pest control and even air filter change services – all intended to keep your tenant’s focus on their business and ensure that your property is kept in mint condition.

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