Commercial Leasing Horror Stories: Don’t Let This Happen to You

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We have all seen the pictures and heard the horror stories of the massive snow storm that hit the East coast this past week. Imagine what businesses and offices are dealing with in the wake of the storm. While the office is empty and temperatures plunge, the HVAC unit maintaining proper heat and humidity levels in the building begins to malfunction. With no one to notice the issue or resolve it before something more damaging happens, the unit turns off and the office is left, quite literally, out in the cold.

Over the next few hours, the temperature plunges indoors as it does so outdoors. Pipes become cold, and then they freeze. In time, the frozen pipes burst and the leased office space is significantly damaged. In addition to a malfunctioning HVAC system, the office’s laptops, desktops, printers, copiers, phones and other crucial equipment becomes irreversibly damaged.

Fortunately, those of us in the Phoenix area have not had to deal with the extreme cold and snow. However, similar scenarios play out in offices every day throughout the area. Maybe it’s not the extreme cold (although with low temperatures in the 30’s it’s not unheard of) damaging pipes, but the age or condition of the plumbing or HVAC system. Water is one of the most destructive forces on earth and the damage it can cause in a short amount of time can be devastating. Significant expense comes with the damage water can do to the rest of the property. The same damage described above can happen anywhere at any time. Should your pipes burst, particularly during times the office is closed, the damage to office equipment, drywall, flooring and furniture could close a business, possibly permanently.

You Are Not Protected With Commercial Leasing

Residential tenants are covered by a warranty called a warranty of habitability which is implied by law that all residential leases are inhabitable by humans and will remain so throughout the lease. Commercial lease tenants do not have this protection. If the above nightmare scenario happens, your landlord is not liable and would not be forced to complete the repairs. For many business owners, such catastrophic, expensive repairs could shut a business down for good.

This nightmare scenario isn’t just a hypothetical, and it’s not at all exaggerated. In many offices, HVAC systems do suffer from wear and tear over time. Without preventive maintenance and a vigilant eye on the system’s operation, it can certainly fail at the wrong time. Office building owners and tenants everywhere need to keep this in mind, and they need to plan accordingly with an office warranty like those offered by OfficeGuardian.

A Key Way to Keep Office Systems in a State of Good Repair

Amid the fast-paced routine of regular business each day, it can be hard to remember that the HVAC system in an office building requires careful maintenance and care. So, too, does the plumbing, the water heater, the electrical system, and even fire extinguishers that are in place for an emergency. With most attention focused on keeping computers and smartphones up-to-date, stocking ink for printers and copiers, and getting the day’s work done, these systems can suffer from infrequent maintenance and begin to fail. In the event of failure, office tenants and building owners are faced with a significant business interruption and an even more significant bill for the professional repair of broken systems.

That’s where OfficeGuardian comes in. This innovative office warranty program, which is the first of its kind for today’s office building owners and tenants, is designed to make maintenance and repair easier. As a truly comprehensive approach to office equipment maintenance and repair, the OfficeGuardian system encompasses regular service intervals as well as emergency repair and cost-effective replacement of HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems. Experts who understand the intricate needs of commercial HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems follow a regular, incremental schedule, when they conduct a full inspection of office systems. Preventative maintenance is completed quarterly, which extends the lifespan of these systems and makes them less likely to fail in a catastrophic, unforeseen, and expensive way.

A Consistent, Easily Calculated Cost for Office Buildings

In addition to providing for regular maintenance and quick, emergency repairs when something goes wrong, the office warranty from OfficeGuardian provides for easy financial planning on behalf of office building owners and their tenants. Without a warranty in place, the sudden malfunctioning of an HVAC system would represent an immediate, exceedingly high cost that could eat into leasing profits or a business’ overall revenues during a given year. That inability to calculate the cost of repair or replacement hangs over the heads of building owners and tenants each day they set foot in the office to get work done. It doesn’t have to.

The OfficeGuardian office warranty program offers the ability to eliminate surprise costs and untenable repair payments when something goes wrong. The company offers a three-tier warranty program paid as a small premium each month. This cost is easy for building owners to incorporate into their budget for the building and its amenities. Furthermore, the cost can easily be passed to tenants. Most tenants, in fact, would welcome the ability to eliminate surprise maintenance, costs, and interruptions of business due to HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems in the building where they plan to do business.

Flexibility to Choose the Right Plan for Every Building

With three distinct pricing tiers, an office warranty like from OfficeGuardian is easy to fit into any existing office budget. Depending on the building’s systems and its long-term needs, building owners can select the pricing tier that covers their office space’s equipment and its anticipated needs in the future. Plans can be changed and swapped, at any time in the future, if the building’s needs change. Thanks to this flexibility and the comprehensive approach to both equipment maintenance and repairs, a warranty of this type from OfficeGuardian represents the best way to ensure peace of mind and a predictable budget over the long-term.


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