Arizona Vetrepreneur Incubates a Commercial Twist on the Well-Established Home Warranty Concept

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Desert Storm Veteran and small business entrepreneur Edward Maznio recently launched OfficeGuardian, America’s first full-service commercial property warranty service – similar to a home warranty, but commercial-grade. OfficeGuardian protects small businesses from time-consuming, budget-busting office system repairs.

Over the course of Mr. Maznio’s career, Edward has drafted and reviewed commercial leases and property sales as a paralegal, negotiated leases and sales for clients as a real estate broker, and negotiated leases for his former nine-location retail business. This experience taught Edward about common pitfalls in commercial property transactions and business ownership.

Mr. Maznio came to learn that most leases give commercial tenants full responsibility for nearly every system both inside and outside their suites. Like some commercial office buyers, commercial tenants rarely perform pre-lease inspections, and accept their building’s systems in as-is condition, without knowing their age, condition, or life expectancy. All of these systems and their 240+ components expose tenants and office owners to the risk of large repair and replacement bills.

The ultimate risk to business owners is crippling mechanical repairs that can threaten to close their offices, like an $8,500 HVAC system replacement or a plumbing malfunction requiring investigative plumbing services that results in a $4,500 bill. Of course, these risks apply to all small business owners that own their buildings as well. Unlike midsize and large companies, small businesses generally do not have deep enough pockets to comfortably weather unexpected expenses such as these.

In addition to financial risk, Mr. Maznio realized that business owners also bear risk because they lack expertise when it comes to choosing a contractor. When an unexpected problem occurs, small business owners are left scrambling to find repairmen who are available, and then they must blindly hope that the contractor they hire is reputable and will get the job done right and within budget.

Mr. Maznio created OfficeGuardian to relieve small business owners of these burdens. Whenever a client’s covered system breaks down, OfficeGuardian quickly dispatches vetted, reputable contractors to perform repairs so that clients can keep their businesses running as seamlessly as possible. And best of all, OfficeGuardian’s clients need never again worry about their bottom line being gouged by significant, unexpected repairs.

According to Mr. Maznio, OfficeGuardian is also revolutionizing the commercial leasing business, making it possible for landlords to offer an OfficeGuardian Warranty Plan as an incentive to lease their space. Besides giving a landlord a leg-up on their competition, the warranty plan also reduces the chance of finger-pointing and blame if a tenant encounters a system breakdown shortly after the lease begins. And best of all, the warranty also ensures that a landlord’s property and systems are in excellent working condition before, during and after a tenant’s occupancy due to the built-in, quarterly HVAC scheduled maintenance plan.

OfficeGuardian Commercial Office Warranties are currently built to protect small businesses with single or multiple locations, each under 5,000 square feet. For more information about OfficeGuardian Commercial Office Warranties, please call Edward Maznio at 1-800-508-1850.

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