5 Simple Ways to Lower Your Office HVAC Costs

If you could lower your office HVAC costs, would you? Of course, we’d be a fool if we didn’t at least hear it out. Whatever business you’re in – whether you’re a commercial landlord, a doctor in private practice or a merchant with a storefront – you have an office space that needs to be kept cool and comfortable for employees, clients, patients and customers. Especially in hot arid climates like Phoenix, keeping the air conditioning working well is as critical to your business as sales.

That said, in the hot summer months, HVAC costs can skyrocket quickly if you aren’t taking the proper steps to mitigate risks and maintain your unit. There’s nothing worse than seeing all of your hard-earned profits go right to the utility company, but that doesn’t have to happen. Now, there’s more than one way to lower your office HVAC costs. We have 5.

Here are five simple ways to lower your office HVAC costs:

  • Set the thermostat to 68 in the winter and 72 in the summer. In the cooler months, you might be more inclined to crank up the heat, but at 68 degrees, your office space will feel comfortable to most who are likely dressed for the temperature outdoors. It’s also important to consider that most of the traffic through your office space will be transient, so setting this seasonal balance should be perfect for most of your guests and temporary visitors.

  • Install and close reflective blinds on the sunny side of your building. Even with the thermostat set to ideal temperatures, your air conditioning unit will work overtime if the sunlight continuously heats your office space. According to the Department of Energy, completely closing highly reflective blinds can reduce heat gain by about 45 percent.

  • Add reflective film to your office windows. The tinted film works to keep your office cooler in the warmer months by reflecting the sunlight and powerful UV rays back towards the sun. In the cooler months, it has a similar effect on the inside — reflecting the radiated heat back into the room to keep it warmer.

  • Be sure to do preventive maintenance on HVAC units. A regular maintenance schedule includes changing air filters, checking internal pressures and electrical contacts and components. This prevents damage to units. For readers in the Phoenix area, OfficeGUARDIAN has warranty plans that cover maintenance and repairs for your office HVAC system, saving you time and money.

  • Finally, when possible, use an open-air design for your office space. This approach not only facilitates teamwork between employees, it guarantees a lower cost in repairs and maintenance because there are fewer individual supplemental units within enclosed areas such as offices and conference rooms.

These five simple recommendations will lead to significant cost savings on your office energy bills. The tremendous savings will be worth any effort to implement these changes in your business, and adding a commercial office warranty plan through OfficeGUARDIAN will give you the additional peace of mind to know that repairs will be taken care of quickly when major office systems or appliances fail.

OfficeGUARDIAN Warranty Plans go even further by providing a broad range of office care and preventative maintenance services so you can run your business without being distracted by ANY facility maintenance issues.

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